Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hockey Hiatus

Four weeks. Four weeks with no traveling to the rink. Ah...I can't really believe it but I miss it! I miss the chats with the other moms. I miss watching my little guy try his hand at the various positions. But, luckily, it won't be long until our cross-ice mini season starts. April 9th!

We had a hockey party at an indoor playplace this past Friday night. Sean was so excited but he didn't know why there was going to be a party. I told him it was to celebrate the end of the hockey season. He got pretty upset and said, "but I don't want my hockey seasons to end. I want to keep playing!"

In the NHL we've made some impressive moves in the standings. We've moved into 5th in the East. Wow! Emery's out for the season with his hip injury. Leighton, our waiver-wire wonder, is out for 8-10 weeks with an ankle sprain. Boucher started twice this week. He had a very impressive game against Dallas but had a pretty poor showing in Atlanta in the first of a home and home series, giving up five goals. Not sure who's going to get the start tonight in Flyers vs Atlanta part II.

As any hockey fan knows this is a very precarious time in hockey. Every game, every win, every point can make the difference of being in the playoffs or not making the cut. It will also make the difference for those teams in the playoffs to determine their opening round.

For the Fly Guys, fifth is actually a pretty good spot for us to be in. It's an intense rivalry but not nearly as intense as say, Pittsburgh. New Jersey is a team we can beat but not without consistant goaltending! This has been our problem all season. It's our problem EVERY season!

I, along with the rest of Flyers Nation, will be watching this game very closely!