Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Been a long time...

I haven't blogged in quite a while apparently and had a lot of reading to catch up on from the blogs that I follow. I've been a little disenchanted with hockey lately. The Flyers are stinking it up big time (until recently), there's been a bit of a break in Sean's hockey schedule due to the holidays and I've been super busy with my own life outside of know, work...the thing that I actually get paid for doing!

But now, with the Winter Classic coming on me fast and furious, I'm forced to take stock in my dedication as a hockey fan. I'm getting ready to go to one of the most highly sought after sporting ticket in all of professional sports! It's amazing! My suitcase is bulging at the seams from all the winter gear I'll need for this event. Got hand warmers, foot warmers, yes, I've even got body warmers to stuff in my bra! Warm boots, warm gloves and my arsenal of Winter Classic gear! Hat, gloves, scarf and my ever present Flyers jersey. I can't believe I'm actually looking FORWARD to standing out in the bitter Boston winter for at least three hours for A HOCKEY GAME!

Most of my regular friends keeps saying that I'm crazy, but ALL of my hockey friends keep telling me how lucky I am. I have to say that I agree with them. All of them. I am both lucky and crazy! I'll definitely post about my experiences and might even send up to the minute pics for anyone who's interested!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Slump, A Shock & A ShakeUp!

Wow! A trip to DisneyWorld and the whole world falls apart!

The Flyers had begun their losing streak before we left. It's been a disappointing season thus far, even though it looked to have such promise back in October. It's been hard to watch these games lately. I've never seen Jack so vocal at a game as I have recently.

The Shock came when we got word in Florida (in the Happiest Place on Earth) that Stevens had been fired! Well, someone's head had to roll for the FlyGuys performance. There's been lots of talk about where the ax should have fallen. I say, a body is only as good as it's head. The ax fell justly in my opinion.

The ShakeUp is yet to come, I think. I have a feeling there's going to be some restructuring after the holidays and I'm thinking some of it will definitely involve key players. We haven't seen the chemistry this season that we saw last season with the Carter, Hartnell, Lupul line. I WISH we had a line like that. The only line I can see some real movement, spirit and life from is the LaPerriere, Laliberte line. They've seen a good amount of starting time too!

In local news, Sean's glad to be back to the ice. He was having major hockey withdrawal symptoms being in Disney for 5 whole days with NO hockey whatsoever! I'm sure it was driving him nuts and he was relieved to be back at home with his roller blades and ice skates and sticks and pucks and hockey cards and helmets and pads and....well, you get the point. Sean also got to have an incredible birthday! Back on December 1st was the annual Season Ticket Holder Meet the Team event. He got autographs from nine of his favorite players and some "Happy Birthdays" from Jeff Carter and Danny Briere! The best birthday EVER! Oh, and at the game before we left for Florida, he was selected as the Birthday of the Game and recieved a fun pack from the Flyers! Cool!

We'll have to see what the week brings for the Orange and Black. Tonight they had a win against Boston in a Winter classic preview. They have some tough games ahead though including a Home and Home against Pittsburgh. I'm hoping to see some real effort and improvement as I'm sure the rest of the fans are.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sean!

Sean got to spend his 6th birthday with the Team!

Each year, the Flyers host a "Meet the Team" event. This year we opted for the Early Bird entry which got us, and about 900 other STH's into the event at 5:00 pm. This was a full 30 minutes before anyone else! After making three laps around the Wachovia Center, Sean and a buddy of his from hockey were able to spend a few quality moments with his favorite players.

Well, really was only a few seconds at a table where three players sat armed with permanent markers to sign whatever was shoved in front of them. He DID get birthday wishes from Jeff Carter, Oskars Bartulis (who just signed a three year deal with the team) and his idol, Danny Briere! That was only at the first table. WE moved on from there to meet Ray Emery (his new idol), Andreas Nodl and Ian LaPerriere (who we already know from hockey. He was a wreck after taking that puck to the mouth last week. Mouth all swollen he looked at me and said, "Hey! How are you? You don't have to come here for something like this. Just ask me at the rink!" Oh and he's funny too!). Our final stop, as the lines began to grow when the general public was allowed entry, was at the table were Scott Hartnell (who was great with the kids, fist bumping and everything!), our young sensation, James vanReimsdyk (JVR) and Mika Pyorala. All in all, the boys had fun and we even got free popcorn and soda!

He enjoyed his birthday a lot! So did I. Jeff signed my jersey too!

Birthday wishes from Jeff Carter

...and Danny Briere!