Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Making a Run For It

Well, it's been a long few weeks since our hockey hiatus but we've been watching the NHL. The Flyers have been teetering on the playoff bubble for the last couple of weeks. It's been rough. We're in decent position now with only two games left. We'll see what happens next.

It's really kind of sweet to see my son really enjoy watching this playoff run! It was adorable to see him jumping up and down tonight when the Islanders beat Montreal! He doesn't understand all the points and game-in-hand lingo but he does look at the standings and wants to know where the Flyers are every day!

Sean starts back to hockey on Friday. His cross ice mini season starts. He's excited! He wants it to start tonight!

Off the ice, he's learned how to ride his two wheel bike...today! I teared up a little when I got to my room. It's kind of sad for me. He's growing so fast. Before I know it, he'll be graduating high school. That's where I am right now with my daughter. She will be finishing high school this year. Very sad for me. Ugh!