Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ahh...Bring on the Real Stuff

Final pre-season game was last night and I'm ready for some Regular-Season Hockey!!!!!! It was a loss but an entertaining game nonetheless. It ended in a shootout 5-4. I would have loved to see what Emery will do in a shootout situation but the put Backlund in midway through the second period. He did all right but gave up three goals.

Opening night will be an away game at the Hurricanes. Unfortunately it's going to be on Friday night and Jack is working and I'll be at the rink! We have an offer to watch the rest of the game after hockey practice and I'm thinking of taking them up on it.

And speaking of hockey practice, I hope this week goes better than Saturday did. Sean has been cooperating thus far with Operation 8:30 Bedtime. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. First game is going to be Saturday morning. After a Friday night practice? This should be good.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Do I Love Our Home Ice?

When we first discussed Sean playing hockey I figured ice is ice. There's a rink right in our backyard. Sure, he can play hockey! The rink is five minutes away!

We drove over there and took a look. There was a HUGE lake of melted ice at the far end of the rink. It smelled like a sweaty gym sock in there and there was a patch of the rink that the ice was a bit too thin! The only thing I liked about it was the heat that warmed the fan seating area.

We decided on traveling to the Virtua Flyers SkateZone. It's only 12 miles from home.. easier said than done... I wonder how a 12 mile trip can easily turn into an hour when I KNOW I'm driving at least 40 miles an hour. Theoretically, I should be there in about 20 minutes! Riiigght...consider rush hour traffic, school buses, a stop at the gas station and fifteen thousand traffic lights and we're up to at least 45 minutes!

But, the facility is brightly lit. The snack stand has great coffee. The place doesn't stink of mold or sweat (except the roller hockey rink...phew!). AND it's the practice rink for the Philadelphia Flyers! It's funny to know that these multi-million dollar hockey players practice on the same ice that my son plays on. We could be there for a practice or some stick time and see the Fly Guys skating.

A nice surprise for my son today was that Danny Briere and Ian LaPerriere were there watching the little guys practice. I think I even saw Danny applaud a little when my boy scored the first goal in the scrimmage!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahh...It's Good to Be Home

Flyers Preseason action LIVE last night versus Detroit! What a feeling! And in our new seats for the season! The game was awesome! A much better effort from the last two preseason games I saw (one online and one on TV). Looks like the lines are beginning to come together. Defense was awesome! Goaltending WAAAAYYY improved! I hope it carries through the whole season.

Briere scored at 36 seconds in and that was a good omen. JVR put up TWO goals! He's definitely vying for a spot on the roster! It was awesome to see Carcillo score in the second period. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He's a scrappy guy who can play hockey! Mika Pyorala, the lefty Fin is a bit of an unknown to me but he scored and assisted for us. Pronger remained a bit low key on D but he's making his way on the squad. Emery halted 28 attempts by the Red Wings. All in all it was a well played win against a Stanley Cup Final team. This current roster has the potential to be Cup contenders this season. Final score: 5-2

Flyers play the Devils at home tomorrow night. See you there!

In other news, Sean has hockey practice on Friday. Apparently there wasn't enough interest at the various rinks for travel teams for mini-mites so we'll only be playing at our home rink and may end up playing the same team every week. A bit of a bummer and definitely NOT worth the expense but Sean will get some good coaching and have a good time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Official

I'm a real Hockey Mom. My little rookie had his first hockey evaluation tonight. It was very tense (for me) and the nerves (mine) were really on edge. He took the ice and followed instructions (mostly) and it looked like he was actually having a bit of fun.

Well, when it's mini-mite cross ice hockey, everybody makes the team. He'll have practices every Friday beginning next week and his first game is in three weeks. At least that's what the goalie's mom told me. Now I'll be able to get a more organized schedule in place. My only problem is that I *might* have to miss some games since they're on weekends and I have to work...gotta pay the bills somehow...oh, and pay for hockey too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back on the Horse

You may remember my son's first stint as goaltender for his summer 3 on 3 league and how it was short-lived and ended in tears. He hasn't skated since then. Until today...

Limited Travel house league evaluations are Friday, and even though it's only cross-ice, Jack and I felt that he needed a little warm up time. So we hop in the car, after a long day at work, and off to the rink we go! Traffic is terrible and it took us nearly an hour to get there. Great!

He gears up and he's pretty excited about skating again (a very good sign). He said he was going to practice without a puck first. Gliding across the ice, forwards and backwards, he skated all over the rink. Now it was time to use the puck...he was so happy.

He shot on the net about 10 or so times when he started practicing his "Ovie Slide" (yes, I know. We're flyers fans, but the kid admires talent! What can I say?). After about 25 minutes or so of just skating and puck handling the 10 and 11 year olds that were being evaluated hit the ice to warm up. Sean began to beam! He LOVES playing hockey with the "big boys". And eventually, almost like a magnetic force drew him, before I could discourage him, he was on top of the blue paint. Can't keep that boy outta the net! He was in his glory! Making attempts (some of them quite good) at stopping pucks shot his way. He has quick movements when he's not weighed down by too-large goalie equipment! And let's not forget the net is twice his size!
When he finally came off the ice, after Coach blew the whistle to call together the kids being evaluated, he told me, "Mom, that was so fun! I can't wait to be on my real team!"

Preseason play started today for the FlyGuys. Unfortunately it wasn't televised. I wasn't terribly happy about that but I was able to keep up with the action on the Flyers website. Emery minded the net for two periods and made 23 saves. Boosh stopped 8 shots in the third period. Even though the Flyers lost 3-1 not a horrible showing. It was nice to see how some of the off season aquisitions meshed with the vets. JVR scored the only goal for the Orange and Black.

Next game is tomorrow, televised, versus the Maple Leafs. This is going to be an exciting season. We'll be headed to our first home preseason game next week, Tuesday. I am so thrilled! I couldn't be more thrilled if I were going to the Winter Classic....OH, BUT I AM going to the Winter Classic! Got word today that we're going! We're on a bus trip with the Flyers Fan Club with Julie and Vern! That's the best news I've had all day! Two nights in Boston for New Year's AND the Winter Classic! Can't wait!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Feels Like Winter Here...

Well, the big news around these parts is how cold it got here in the last few days. The weekend was gorgeous but today we were wearing long sleeves and sweaters! And just in time... the Flyers will take on the Bruins in the Winter Classic on New Year's Day at Fenway Park! We're so excited we even booked a room just in case we get tickets...on a slim chance...You see, since we're the away team The Flyers organization was given a limited number of tickets to sell. Bruins season ticket holders are guaranteed seats since it's a home game for them. Sooooo, we'll be entered into a lottery for the opportunity to purchase TWO tickets! ????We have four seats on our account... Chances are pretty good won't be needing that room in Boston! Booooo!!!!

On the training camp front, the Flyers Rookies played against the Capitals Rookies at the SkateZone in Voorhees, NJ (my son's home ice). Our 2007 first round draft pick James Van Riemsdyk, JVR as he's known in these parts, recorded a hat trick and an assist in the 7-3 win over the Caps.

Other news from the SkateZone today brings it back to the Winter Classic. In 'smashing' style the Philadelphia Flyers Winter Classic jersey was unveiled. Flyers, Simon Gagne, Danny Briere and Braydon Coburn shot pucks at a block of ice and shattered it to reveal the new jersey. It's mostly white but does feature that prominent orange that is so associated with the Flyers, the bad boys of hockey. It's nice looking and I'm sure it will sell like hotcakes! Heeheehee...hawt cakes is more like it! Let's face it, they are some nice-looking guys!

Anyway, I digress. Sean's try-out/evaluation is in one week. I'm hoping to get him on the ice at least once between now and then. Just a little stick time to loosen him up and keep him conditioned...we are talking about a five year old, right? LOL!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Tension is Building

First pre-season game is coming up. Can't wait! Unfortunately only one will be televised but we're going to all three home games! Yay! We just Can't wait!

I think we're going to see some Old Time Flyers Hockey. We have some amazing lines and now we've got some decent defense and hopefully some good net-minding. I'd like to see what LaPerriere and Tollefson will bring to the table. Their size and hard hitting is just what we need! We'll show those Pens who's boss!

Well, we're just counting down the days now. September 14, first pre-season game. October 6, REGULAR season play begins!