Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Joys of...Losing????

Well, another several weeks have gone by and another several hockey games and practices as well. The holidays are upon us and I am taking this time to reflect on the joys of hockey-mom-dom.

It's so nice to see my child playing well with others on his team. It's not so nice to see him playing not so nice with opposing teams! Example: This week at practice they ran some drills with the other house league team at our rink. When my son couldn't catch the kid (who happens to be the son of a current NHLer), he threw his stick at him. The other kid's dad, who happened to be at practice laughed and said, "gee, I wonder where he gets that?" I replied, "watching Scott Hartnell."

It's also nice to see my son still enjoy playing the game despite his team's record. They haven't won a game in weeks and weeks. But the kids don't seem to mind too much. They are a young and small sized team; mostly 6 or young 7 year olds. They are improving every week. In fact, teams that have beaten them by double digits are now only beating us by a goal or three. I know the kids would like to see a win now and then though, but they don't let us parents see it. Good boys.

I'm so thankful that my husband has been able to assist with coaching the team. He loves being involved with his son's sports activities and is thrilled to have those boys call him "Coach". I can see it in his eyes that he is loving every minute of it and is disappointed when he can't make it to a game or practice. I send him text updates though so it's almost like being there...sort of.

I'm so glad to be a hockey mom. It takes a special kind of parent to be a hockey mom. We don't mind the cold. We always have a blanket and gloves in the car even in the heat of the summer. We sip gallons of coffee trying to warm up and wake up at 7 am hockey games. We heave large bags of equipment into the back of our all of a sudden too small minivans. We know the best ways to get odors out of hockey pads and we aren't afraid to assist our young sons in the adjustment of the cup.

These are just some of the things I've learned and enjoyed this far...