Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer 2007

This was an amazing summer and I can't wait to see what Jack can put together for this summer! Can't wait! I'm just getting very excited for the season!

Summer 2006

What a great summer this was. Our first with our beautiful old boat!

Wild Weekend Weather!

Well, it wasn't all that wild. We had some crazy wind Friday evening and it was very windy, chilly and rainy on Saturday. Of course Sunday (the day we had to come home) was/is gorgeous! I say still is because it's gorgeous down the shore and we're home! :-(
Anyway, it was still a nice getaway for us and the kids. The kids love catching and playing with all sorts of sea creatures. This weekend they caught two starfish, several crabs of varying sizes, dozens of shrimp and a sea urchin! I wish I had batteries for the camera! I think I may have to breakdown and finally go digital. I don't really want to but I have rolls and rolls of film laying around the house waiting to be developed!
I have GOT to get back in the gym! It's pretty much decided. It has to be done this week. Jack has been commenting on how he used to take better care of himself and I've had to go out and buy bigger clothes! NOT GOOD!
Well, it's back to the grind tomorrow. After the week I had last week, I'm really not looking forward to it. Can't wait 'til Friday! LOL!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Best Weekend EVER!!!!!!

Maybe not ever, but pretty damn good! We had great weather last weekend and great food (compliments of myself and the rest of my dock friends)! It was FREEZING at night though!!!! We were all bundled up in hats, gloves, jackets, blankets, whatever we could find to get warm!

We went to "The Bodies" exhibit at the Taj and it was pretty darned cool. Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen! It was pretty damned funny too when Jack almost fell face first into a plastic guy kicking a soccer ball! It was so fricking funny that when I thought about it a half hour later, I almost peed my pants laughing about it again. Then off to Tony's for pizza and Schmidt's!

Anyway, I'll post pics whenever I get them from Jack. I'm sure someone emailed him the pics we took Sunday night! It was great! I can't wait to get back!

P.S. The hotel next to the marina has been purchased by a company that's in talks with Margaritaville! Wouldn't that be something! Wastin' away again in Margaritaville....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Waiting for Summer

Well, here it is...the month of May. Can't wait for summer to officially get underway. Next weekend is the shore, sans kids! That's always exciting for us. We have a full weekend of relaxing ahead of us. I hope the weather holds out.

The boat will be in shape by then but we still need some new jib sheets. The Nor'easter that came through last weekend chafed them beyond belief! Of course it could have been worse. There were a few boats that lost sails and some lost dock lines. We were really lucky! Plus, Jose and Billy kept stopping by to check on our boats. We've got GREAT dock friends!

Anyway, better start getting boat linens and cookware and stuff ready soon. Good thing I took Friday off from work! I'll need the whole day for packing and whatnot!