Sunday, May 18, 2008

Waiting for Summer

Well, here it is...the month of May. Can't wait for summer to officially get underway. Next weekend is the shore, sans kids! That's always exciting for us. We have a full weekend of relaxing ahead of us. I hope the weather holds out.

The boat will be in shape by then but we still need some new jib sheets. The Nor'easter that came through last weekend chafed them beyond belief! Of course it could have been worse. There were a few boats that lost sails and some lost dock lines. We were really lucky! Plus, Jose and Billy kept stopping by to check on our boats. We've got GREAT dock friends!

Anyway, better start getting boat linens and cookware and stuff ready soon. Good thing I took Friday off from work! I'll need the whole day for packing and whatnot!

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