Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Year Squirt

As always the season of limited travel (aka house league) hockey starts with evaluations. As I watched the kids on the ice, I was happy to see most of the kids looked to be close to the same level of skill. There wasn't really one "stand out" player. I like that.

Now into my own evaluation. Of the stands. There were definitely a few parents I'm not sure I would want being on MY team. Come on. We all know them. There's a few dads who think their kid skates "like a young Claude Giroux" or he "could be the next Gretzky". There's the dads who stand at the top of the stands and THINK they're coaching an NHL team in the Stanley Cup Finals shouting unintelligible commands to their son or daughter. There's the very over dressed mom who wants everyone to know that they can afford to be hockey parents. There's the parents who put their kid in the house league so he can "get more ice time" than the rest of his travel team. And then there's people like me. Parents who want their kid to live their sport and enjoy playing it win or lose.

Don't forget that parents are being evaluated too!