Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahh...It's Good to Be Home

Flyers Preseason action LIVE last night versus Detroit! What a feeling! And in our new seats for the season! The game was awesome! A much better effort from the last two preseason games I saw (one online and one on TV). Looks like the lines are beginning to come together. Defense was awesome! Goaltending WAAAAYYY improved! I hope it carries through the whole season.

Briere scored at 36 seconds in and that was a good omen. JVR put up TWO goals! He's definitely vying for a spot on the roster! It was awesome to see Carcillo score in the second period. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He's a scrappy guy who can play hockey! Mika Pyorala, the lefty Fin is a bit of an unknown to me but he scored and assisted for us. Pronger remained a bit low key on D but he's making his way on the squad. Emery halted 28 attempts by the Red Wings. All in all it was a well played win against a Stanley Cup Final team. This current roster has the potential to be Cup contenders this season. Final score: 5-2

Flyers play the Devils at home tomorrow night. See you there!

In other news, Sean has hockey practice on Friday. Apparently there wasn't enough interest at the various rinks for travel teams for mini-mites so we'll only be playing at our home rink and may end up playing the same team every week. A bit of a bummer and definitely NOT worth the expense but Sean will get some good coaching and have a good time!

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