Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sean!

Sean got to spend his 6th birthday with the Team!

Each year, the Flyers host a "Meet the Team" event. This year we opted for the Early Bird entry which got us, and about 900 other STH's into the event at 5:00 pm. This was a full 30 minutes before anyone else! After making three laps around the Wachovia Center, Sean and a buddy of his from hockey were able to spend a few quality moments with his favorite players.

Well, really was only a few seconds at a table where three players sat armed with permanent markers to sign whatever was shoved in front of them. He DID get birthday wishes from Jeff Carter, Oskars Bartulis (who just signed a three year deal with the team) and his idol, Danny Briere! That was only at the first table. WE moved on from there to meet Ray Emery (his new idol), Andreas Nodl and Ian LaPerriere (who we already know from hockey. He was a wreck after taking that puck to the mouth last week. Mouth all swollen he looked at me and said, "Hey! How are you? You don't have to come here for something like this. Just ask me at the rink!" Oh and he's funny too!). Our final stop, as the lines began to grow when the general public was allowed entry, was at the table were Scott Hartnell (who was great with the kids, fist bumping and everything!), our young sensation, James vanReimsdyk (JVR) and Mika Pyorala. All in all, the boys had fun and we even got free popcorn and soda!

He enjoyed his birthday a lot! So did I. Jeff signed my jersey too!

Birthday wishes from Jeff Carter

...and Danny Briere!

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hockeymomablog said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday Sean! (Seems like mom got some good presents for your birthday too!)