Saturday, January 23, 2010


One of the best part of being a Flyers season ticket holder is the opportunity to partake in many of the activities during the game. Riding the zamboni, pre-game bench warm ups, pre-game tour or meet and greet are a few of them. The one we've been dying for is the High-5. That's when they take your kid, bring them to the ice and they get to high 5 the team when they make their way to the ice.

AND they get to stand with the players during the singing of the National Anthem. WOW!!!!!!

Sean did just that last week at the Columbus game. He was the smallest kid on the ice so I thought for sure they'd put him next to gigantic Chris Pronger, but he stood between Richards and Gagne. how exciting for him! He talked to the players the entire time! He even got an extra fist bump from Simon! Sean hasn't told me what they were talking about. I imagine it's some kind of hockey-man-secrets that I'll never be privy to, but whatever was said, it made his night!

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