Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Somethin's Bruin in Philly!

Here I am sitting at my local bookstore (since my wireless network is down at home and I can't even get internet access on my desktop). My mouth is STILL hanging open at this point. Could this be happenning? Is it really true? The Flyers have forced a Game 6 when NO ONE (including my diehard Flyers fan husband) thought we had a chance to come back from a three games to none deficit! I feel like someone needs to pinch me. I still can't quite comprehend.

It would seem that the Flyers should have been counted out yet here we are preparing for a Game 6. The boys in black and orange have been faced with nothing but adversity since the slide they took back in November. A sudden coaching change. The loss of our star goalie to a potentially career ending injury. Our second string goalie coming back to Philly after ten years. Our third string goalie getting picked up off waivers and starting the Winter Classic after injuries to our second goalie and then facing a possible season ending injury himself. BARELY making the playoffs when it came down to the last shooter in a shootout on the last day of the regular season. Eliminating the number 2 seed in 5 games of the first round. Losing two of the top goal scorers in that series to..you guessed it, injury. This is the stuff of Hollywood.

Now facing elimination in the second round. Backs against the wall. They win game four in overtime with the game winner coming from a player who was thought to be done for the season! Game 5 brings us injury again, losing our newest number one netminder, who was our second stringer earlier in the season and is destined to change his past by redeeming himself after ten years.

What can I say? This team is making me believe in hockey miracles. This Hockey Mom is definitely saying prayers to the hockey gods at our hockey altar (my son's unused hockey equipment in the livingroom) and hoping for a Game 7!

In mini-mite cross-ice news: Sean goes back to ortho on the 24th to see if he'll be playing the rest of the season. He's suffering from hockey withdrawl and has resorted to playing video hockey on the big screen to get the feel of playing on the ice. It's not the same but it's all he's got for now. Poor Kid. I will say this. He put on his brand spankin' new Ian LaPerriere jersey and the team started winning. He's really feeling like part of the team. As we all are!

Do YOU believe in miracles??????

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