Friday, July 30, 2010


It's always amazing to watch your child. To see them learn and grow. To master a skill.

Let me tell you, watching Sean play hockey the other night was truly amazing to me. I can't believe this is the same little boy we put on the ice a year and a half ago in a Learn-to-Skate program. He's not only grown taller but he's growing as a hockey player.

Sounds funny to say but it's true. He's learning the very important skills of teamwork and leadership. I never realized it until I saw him the other night. He made it a point to pass to the open man instead of taking the shot. That's HUGE!!!! He was also the most vocal player on the bench. He was chattering to his team mates the whole time when he wasn't on the ice.

It's definitely a type of maturity that you don't see in a lot of other 6 year olds. I'm not sure if you see this with other 6 year olds in other sports. Again, that's something special about hockey.

I'll be interested to see what he does in the fall. Limited Travel here we come!

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