Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And now it's summer...

The summer cross-ice 3 on 3 has begun. My little guy had an amazing game! I'm so proud of him! He scored at least 3 goals and was skating all over the place! I loved watching him doing some backward crossovers!

Now, that being said I'd like to comment on listening to the professionals. At the end of the last cross ice season I was a little ticked that Coach wanted to keep Sean back in cross ice until the fall. I felt like he was ready to move to full ice hockey and didn't understand why Coach didn't want to move him up. After tonight I totally understand and will listen to the experts on this since I am just a MOM and know very little about youth hockey!

One of the parents in our group felt that her son was ready to be moved to the next level. From mini mites to mites/squirts. After his first game tonight he said he didn't like it. The other kids were definitely bigger than him. They were faster than him and have more experience on the ice. Sean, on the other hand, was kept back in mini mites for another round of cross ice and let me tell you, he did wonderful! It's giving him confidence to play with kids that have a little less skill than he does. He's getting more time on the ice. He's the senior guy on the team! His skills have improved and I'm glad Jack didn't listen to me when I said he needs to move up!

Always listen to the professionals when it comes to youth sports! That's my words of wisdom today.

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