Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Training

Haven't posted here in quite a while. A lot has happened in my hockey world. My little guy finished his last season as a mite. His team win first place in their first REAL tournament. (So exciting!) He started off the spring as a squirt! And yes, he still keeps trying to be a goalie once in a while. Even though he was minding the net only once he had the best GAA of the four kids who played in goal. He also had three assists in his last game. His team won only two games (the first and the last) but he feels good about being on full ice.

This past week he's been "training for Lake Placid". He and a couple of his hockey buddies, and the dads (with varying degrees of hockey playing experience) will be attending a parent-child hockey camp next month. Sean took his most recent public skate outing as an opportunity to train. He did "Herbies" up and down the rink for nearly 30 minutes. He's been doing all manner of calisthenics, pumping iron (my five pound dumbbells) in the living room. He's taking this very seriously.

Other than the camp, he's taking the summer off. He'll go to stick time a few times a month but we're generally going to be hockey-lazy this season!

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