Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Do You Believe in Miracles?"

I sure do.

Words can't even express how I felt watching my boy take the ice on Olympic/USA/hockey hallowed ground. I was proud to be an American and a mother at that moment.

The Parent/Child hockey camp weekend had its ups and downs. We had a five hour drive to our friend's cabin in the Adirondacks. It is a beautiful log home on 27 acres of wild. It was taken over by three rowdy hockey boys, two squealing younger sisters, three grown up hockey boys and their wives not to mention the owners and their mother! Whew! We muddled through and had a wonderful time!

The town of Lake Placid was one of the most adorable small towns I've ever seen. If you ever get the opportunity to visit you'll LOVE it!!!!!

On the way into town the most impressive feature is the ski jump! It's huge! They have bobsledding there too. We were able to locate the Olympic cauldron but it was on private property and not open to the public but we got pictures with the telephoto lens! The Olympic museum was really interesting. It housed artifacts from not only the 1980 Games, but the 1932 Games as well. I get a tear in my eye during the last thirty seconds of that historic hockey matchup!

I teared up watching my boy score a goal during the final skate scrimmage of the hockey camp. It was his "most favorite part" but he explained that his other favorite part was playing European hand ball on the Olympic oval (where Eric Heiden won all his medals for speed skating). (He also liked the rope swing at the lake!!!!)

It really puts things in perspective to see my little son out there on the big ice where legends were made. The wonder in his eyes when he watched that game (yet again) really makes all the time and money worth it.

We're looking at doing it again next year!

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