Monday, October 19, 2009

My, Oh My...

Friday's practice was pretty well uneventful. Jack was available to make sure all the equipment made it out of and into my van. (Thanks, sweetie!) Saturday was a day off, and well deserved. It's been rough being laid up with a back injury. That's a story for another blog!

Game time Sunday: Ahhh, firstly let me say a 9:50 game time is soooooo much better than the 7:15 time we had the previous weekend (and the upcoming weekend...ugh). Sean was pretty excited this weekend. This was something I haven't seen in several weeks from him. Orange team took the ice and I was amazed. It was incredible to see how these little guys have improved over the last several weeks. Sean's skating in somewhat bigger strides, his stickhandling is far better than when he started cross-ice, and his chatter on the bench makes me see some "C" potential in his future.

We weren't keeping score but if you ask any boy that was out there (black sweater or orange) they'd tell you their team won the game! Sean claims to have scored "seven goals this week, Mom," but Jack, who was bench coach for both teams kept track of just two for him. Two! that's still pretty good when you're five! Good thing there was an adult on the benches with those boys. They've taken to playing "hockey fight" and "stick swords". Oh yeah, that's fun to watch!

Busy hockey weekend coming. After a long NHL break and some team building in Florida, not to mention a humiliating loss to the Panthers, the Flyers will take the ice at home in a preview of the 2010 Winter classic. Yes, the Bruins are coming to our house. It should be a fun game to watch but we won't be in attendance. We'll have our chance for some great hockey though Saturday and Sunday when Jack and I go to both games....oh and two games for Sean as well!

Hmmm...I'm guessing we didn't win the 32" flat screen TV that the Flyers youth Bantams were raffling off this weekend. They were raising money to play in Boston next weekend. Oh well, better luck next time...

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