Monday, October 12, 2009

Too Early in the Season

As I was leaving the arena Saturday after the Teemu Selanne Show (aka the Flyers loss against the Ducks) I heard a couple of older guys slamming the FlyGuys. "It's been 35 years since they won a Stanley Cup. Why should this year be any different?" Uh, I'm sorry, sir, isn't it only game 5 of an 82 game season? Don't you think it's a bit too soon to write them off from a Cup Series?

The details are still a little sketchy to me since I was in a fog that was induced by lower back pain but what I recall is Selanne scoring with 16 seconds left in the third to tie it up and then knocking in the game winner in the shoot out. Disappointing loss.

Two nights previous to that we were playing the (gag) Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins. The pre-game antics of the fans were amusing as usual. Sean ended up on the Big Screen during the pre-game warm up. He was holding his sign that says "Hey Scott, I wear #19 too!" A cute read headed boy is always good on the JumboTron! That was another loss but the good news is it was definitely noticable that Cindy didn't have much ice time nor did he get his stick on the puck very much! THAT'S always a good thing!

In mini-mite news, Sean scored 2 goals in his game last Saturday! Awesome! This past weekend I was baptized into official Hockey-Mom-dom by having a 7:15 game time...that's 7:15 AM. I had to leave my house the same time I leave to go to work! Ugh! Sean claims he scored 5 goals in that game but I only saw 2. I'd almost have to believe him since he does usually pick up a lot of the trash in front of the net!

Sean in attendance at the Flyers/Pens game

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