Saturday, October 3, 2009

If You Could See Me Shaking My Fist at the Cable Company

Why oh, Why? FiOS doesn't carry the Comcast Network. Boooooo!!!!!! Especially booing since the Flyers opener against the Hurricanes was ONLY broadcast on the Comcast Network. We ended up going to Julie's for the first period. Sean was tired (another story to be told below) so we went home and I watched the remainder of the game online.

Great way to open the season! A win, a shut out even, making Ray Emery only the fourth goalie in team history to earn a shut out at the opener. Two goals scored by two of our high scorers from last season, Carter and team captain Richards. Eight penalties careful guys. The team's performance last night is fueling my anticipation for tonight's game against New Jersey! Not to mention the upcoming week, with games against the Caps, the Pens and the Ducks! Very exciting!

On to local news...

Sean had practice last night and scored two goals in the post drill scrimmage. This morning, bright but fortunately not so early, Sean had a game. He scored two goals in the game! He got lots of ice time too and the coaches couldn't stop talking about his line. He's number 19. Just like Scott Hartnell, he said. Now he wants to wear his Hartnell wig (giveaway from last season) to every practice and game! LOL! He wouldn't allow me to take pictures for this game. I managed to snap one while he was getting dressed.

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