Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dusting off the jersey

With the start of hockey season in view, I thought it was time to dust off the ol' jersey.

My usual jersey (the one I wear to all the games) hasn't been washed since our loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs. I have a bit of a superstition regarding my jersey. I'm sure many other hockey fans can relate.

The jersey is worn to all games. If my team wins, the jersey gets hung in the closet until the next game. If my team loses (ugh!) the jersey is immediately stripped off the second we get home and washed.

The last game was a loss but I was so disheartened by it that I didn't wash the loss out of it. However.... a brand spankin' new Carter (2008-09 46G, 38A) jersey was recieved in the mail yesterday! WooHoo! I can't wait to see what kind of luck it will bring the team this season!

On the non-NHL front, I've now checked out the Rowan University Ice Hockey schedule. They have a pretty long season and their home ice is literally 5 minutes from my house. It's great for nights when there's no NHL games to watch and Sean doesn't have practice or a game and Sean's hockey addiction needs to be fed. The games are cheap ($5 a game) and my son loves that he can get really close to the players. He loves to high-5 the players as they come off the ice. We'll also be checking out some of the local high school games. They are great for killing time. AND they sell candy really cheap! LOL!

Well, back to getting ready for hockey season...pre-season game on September 22. Can't wait! Go Flyers!!!!!!

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