Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pneumonia? But can he skate?

I wasn't asking for me...

A couple weeks ago, Sean had been having some intermittent fevers. We'd decided if he wasn't better by Monday he was going to the doctor. One trip to the doctor, a trip to the radiology place and THREE pharmacies later, we got confirmation of what I think we already knew...bilateral pneumonia.

Well, now he's finished his antibiotics and a week of nebulizer treatments and we got the OK for him to skate again. Just in time for his last game of the summer 3 on 3 cross ice league and just in time for "evaluation" for the house limited travel team. He's got another week or so of breathing treatments and we'll see what happens after that.

The doctor wants him to see a pulmonologist which we've schedule for the next available appointment...in two and a half months!!!!! Gotta love specialists!

He's going out for stick time on Wednesday.

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