Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Just throw them in the trash..."

They put out the call. They were in need of a goaltender for the last game of the 3 on 3 Cross-Ice league. We kept it quiet knowing that Sean would LOVE to be a goalie. He's been dying to try it since he could skate. We know it's a very expensive position to play and the goalie gets a large part of the blame when the team loses.

Today, the day of the game, another email went out. We decided to ask Sean if he wanted to try it. It was the last game, why not? He emphatically agreed and was thrilled that he was getting the chance to mind the net.

We got to the rink. Just me and him. Husband was working. He was very disappointed he wasn't getting to see this.

I get the loaner pads from the front desk and it's obvious that they are a bit too big for him. I, having no knowledge of how to apply the apparatus, asked another Hockey Mom for some help. She was very helpful. There we were, my son laying face down on the floor while myself and another mom strap these enormous pads to my son's skinny little legs.

He was so excited! He looked great! He stacked his pads and got into position right there by the locker room. He couldn't wait to get out on the ice.

He got out there. He skated around and didn't fall down right away. He skated around the rink a couple of times. He fell down but was able to get up on his own. No Problemo!

I looked out across the ice and noticed he was crying. I didn't see what happened but he was really bawling! He came to me and said he fell and hurt his belly. He also said he doesn't want to play hockey anymore. WHAT???!!!?!?!?!?!?

I calmed him down and he was able to get back out there. Then the game started. He was crying even harder. Coach gave him some encouraging words but he just couldn't recover. He couldn't even hold the gigantic stick! He couldn't get it together and I brought him off the ice.

My boy stood there crying and I couldn't comfort him. He said, "I never want to play hockey again. I want to throw these skates in the trash!" He was an absolute wreck. We left. There was no recovering from this tonight. I think it was partly that he's tired, partly because he's been sick, and partly because he might have been a little scared about it. That's a lot of pressure for a 5 year old.

I'm secretly (well, not so secretly) glad he didn't like the position but I wish I could have held my baby and make him feel better.

Anyway, he did look pretty scary in the equipment.

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