Friday, February 5, 2010

Gold Rush

Sean is really looking forward to the Olympics. Not the Games in Vancouver (well, them too). His rink is doing some demonstrations of Winter Games and he was selected to demonstrate hockey. He will be joining 5 other skaters and two goalies in a cross-ice demo.

The really great thing about this is that the event will also feature info and demos from other winter sports including figure skating, curling and luge! I think it really fits in with USA Hockey's ADM. Their tagline is "I am Potential." It also fits with their current ad campaign that features kids playing all kids of sports like soccer and baseball with the workind "I am Hockey." It's trying to emphasize that while developing a love of hockey, kids should also experience other sports and should take their time to specialize in one sport or one position within that sport.

I think that's a great model for kids. Sean unfortunately would disagree with me since his singular love is hockey. In all it's forms. Just today he was watching Women's Team USA playing Finland. He is learning all the penalties and the refs hand gestures for each.

I'm hoping he expands his horizons soon but like I told Coach Jeremy. This isn't something we're forcing on him...HE'S forcing it on US!!!!!

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