Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hangin' On By a Thread

Our playoff hopes, that is. We're hanging on to the 8th spot as we speak but some key wins by other teams and losses by us (since we play NJ twice this week) and we could be out of the playoffs.

In other news, Sean decided to skate this week and not stay in net. Good. He scored two goals! I love it when he scores. I noticed another boy collided with him on the ice. THREE TIMES!!!! Jack doesn't think it was intentional but I'm not so sure. This kid is bigger than Sean, a little older than Sean and definitely plays more aggressive than Sean.

Oh, and there was a hockey fight in today's game. NOT GOOD! One of the kids involved was the coach's son, who also played the entire game while two other kids sat on the bench. Anyway, the coach separated the boys and sent them both to the bench. They were, however, allowed to come back into the game. If it were my son, he would not be allowed to return to the game. I would bench him myself!

There is no place for fighting in youth hockey. None. It's a delicate balance to cheer for the NHL teams, who fight but explain to your young hockey player that it's not ok for them to follow their hero's example. I hope we never have to deal with that although I'm sure we will at some point.

Sean just kept saying, "I didn't think it was funny." I'm glad of that.

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