Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweets for the Sweet

In the midst of the festivities of the Olympics and Sean's hockey game and Olympic Open House was a special moment only the mother of a hockey player can appreciate.

At the end of the game, Sean all garbed up in the goalie pads (again) held the game puck in his catching glove and tossed it into the air a couple of times to shake off the melted ice. He called me over to the door and handed me the puck. Not sure what I was supposed to do with it, I tucked it into my purse along with the puck the ref from the Rowan game gave him last night.

When he came off the ice and got undressed he said to me, "Mom, did you like your Valentine?" I looked at him with that I-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about look. He said, "the puck. Remember, I told you I was going to give you the game puck for Valentine's Day."

Ahhh...how sweet...

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