Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

Well, after back to back home & home sweeps of the division-leading Devils and the just-ahead-of-us Canadiens the Olympic opening ceremonies began.

Sean was so excited about the Games that he stayed up to watch the Opening Ceremony. He fell asleep just short of seeing The Great One light the cauldron along with three other Canadian athletes. He wasn't disappointed in the least.

Today, he was in net for his game. Following his game we had lunch with two of our other hockey families. I have to say this is probably my favorite part of Sean playing hockey. The close knit fabric of being a hockey parent. The kids had such fun playing games while we parents kept an eye on them and enjoyed our own kind of fun! We laughed and joked and ate. Can't wait for the next get together!

Later on at the rink, there was an Olympic Open House. There were demonstrations of all the learn to skate programs and then several figure skaters showed off some of their talents. Then the hockey kids took the ice. They had some of the learn to play hockey kids passing with some of our cross-ice kids. Then they had a short exhibition game. Sean had his first shut out! He was making some incredible saves. He really thinks he wants to be a goalie. I'm hoping not.

After the cross-ice kids played, the big guys came out and did their demo. It's hard to imagine Sean playing hockey at that age still. It's hard for me to imagine Sean being any other age but 6. I know he'll get big one day but not too soon, I hope.

Then they had a variety of other events. There was a luge demo where the kids were pushed across the ice on sleds. Then they had a slalom. Kids had to slalom skate the cones. Sean was pretty quick even in the goalie pads.

At the end they had a medals ceremony and even a podium for the winners! So fun! I'm looking for ward to watching some of the the Games. We like hockey, obviously, but I find curling to be an interesting game. I wouldn't necessarily call it a sport but it looks like something you could play while drinking a few beers. Hmmm....

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hockeymom-a-blog said...

Having a kid with Olympic dreams certainly does make for a different experience watching the games! (Even if those dreams are of being in net...I can certainly relate!) Hope you are all enjoying!