Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bring It On

After a hard loss to Buffalo on Saturday night and a recharging win against the division rival Devils, I think the boys are ready for some time away from home.

Sure, road trips are hard. You don't have the familiar surroundings. You spend night after night in hotels away from your family. You don't have your home ice or your home fans, which in my opinion Philly fans are THE greatest fans in the world! But I'm sure the FlyGuys are ready to rise to the challenge.

Six out of the next seven games are on the road. Carcillo will face off against his former teammates. He's shown great improvement, restraint and promise for the rest of the season. Three other games will be against Western conference teams.

I'm looking forward to their homecoming the day after Thanksgiving for an afternoon game. Those are always fun! Hopefully, the team won't be too worn down from their trip to win against Buffalo then. Buffalo, hmm...they seem to be becoming frequent flyers to and from Philly! Let's Go Flyers!

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