Friday, November 6, 2009

Flyers Trample Tampa Bay

It was an early game because of the World Series (better luck next season Phillies). Jack had to work midnights and we only had two of our four seats. I took the little guy with me. Sean loves to sit right by the ice for warm ups. He always pins his hopes on getting a puck. He did once last season. He didn't get one today.

Anyway, the game was pretty good. We shot them, out skated them and most importantly, outscored them! Everyone had a little role in the win. Great restraint was shown by our goons with only one fight this game. BUT Captain Richards got a little fiesty in the third period with the Lightning's Hedman. Way to keep the team revved up, Cap! Penalty minutes were WAAAYYYY down from the Carolina game. David Laliberte, called up from Adirondack, scored his second NHL goal in his second NHL game! Way to go David! Carter broke his scoreless streak and JVR had a pair of assists. It was all in all an impressive performance ending with a a score of 6-2.

The biggest surprise of the game was on the opposing team's lineup. Captain Vincent Lacavalier was really lacking energy. He wasn't skating after the puck, he barely shot the puck, it just seemed like he didn't feel like being there. Not sure what the story is on that but we'll see if it plays out soon.

There are flu-woes for the Flyers this week with several guys not skating this week with flulike symptoms. Briere is day to day with a groin strain and Gagne is out indefinitely with surgery scheduled this week. We'll see if the young guys step up tonight against Buffalo (currently first in their division).

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