Monday, November 16, 2009

Interesting Observations

As I sit here in my living room, watching the Flyers play the Devils on 50 inches of high def LCD glory, I realize just how important hockey is to my son.

Some parents choose their child's sports and outside activities. Not here. Sean chose hockey. He loves the sport. Yes, we drive him to his games and practices. We tolerate the constant flinging of pucks, actual and makeshift, in the livingroom. We supply him with jerseys and other junk emblazoned with the Flyers logo. But HE chooses to make up his own line up card for every game. HE chooses to call his own play by play in his imaginary game using various players from various teams. He loves the game, pure and simple.

His hockey coach said that they just like the kids to have fun and enjoy playing the game at this age. I'm pretty sure Sean will have fun playing this game long beyond this age. He has a love for the game and a respect for great hockey even if it's not our team.

Tonight I'm wishing we were at the game for my son to see another great hockey player inducted to the Flyers Hall of Fame. I'm also hoping that the Flyers show Marty the door tonight! Let's Go Flyers!!!!

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