Friday, November 6, 2009

The Difference Between a Hockey Fan and a ***HOCKEY FAN***

This struck me last night as we were flipping through the TV channels. Well, not all the TV channels. Really the only ones worth watching this time of year between 7 PM and midnight...Center Ice. Yes, we PAY to watch as many hockey games as we can in a single season.

Anyway, we were watching the Montreal/Boston game when my stepdaughter said, "this is so weird. I never watch any games other than the Flyers." She's a sweet girl but she's a Flyers fan. I am too but there's a bit of a difference. Thanks to my son, the ever handsome Sean, I've become more of a hockey fan than just a flyers fan and yes, folks there is a difference.

Sean has opened my eyes to the possibility of watching other teams play this entrancing sport. If you ask him who his favorite Flyers are, he'll rattle off names like Briere and Hartnell. But if you ask him who his favorite hockey players are, his number one is Alex Ovechkin. The kid obviously recognizes talent even if it opposes our home team fairly regularly during the season. This is the kid who sets up his hockey cards in position as if they are playing on ice, depending on what game we're watching at home. He'll put on the NHL channel before Saturday morning cartoons to check out the lineup for Hockey Night in Canada. Heck, he'll even watch college hockey...WOMEN'S college hockey even!!!!!

When we go to the rink he wants to watch whoever is playing and will root for whichever team is wearing orange (that'a the team he's on). He isn't starstruck when we see Flyers at the rink practicing, not like his mom. (C'mon, those guys are very nice looking, so I look!)

He loves the Flyers first. His second favorite team is whoever is playing Pittsburgh (LOL!!!!). But he just purely loves the game. Everything about it. He asked me if he could get an Ovie jersey but he would only wear it when they don't play the Flyers. I told him maybe, but don't tell Dad.

Last year, when he was still four, I noticed something pretty funny. He had carved the name of his favorite player into the top of his dresser. I don't want to know what a four year old used to do that but he did.

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