Monday, November 9, 2009

What a Difference A Day Makes

Friday night, from what I understand, the Flyers dismantled the Buffalo Sabres! I can't really say for certain since the game was in Buffalo and aired locally on the Comcast Network, which is one of only a handful of channels we don't get! Ugh! Doesn't matter anyway since we were out for dinner. Dinner was lovely and I was happy to know that our team won! Carcillo scored twice and it's apparent why he's becoming one of my favorite players! The score was 5-2.

Saturday the Flyers faced off against the St. Louis Blues. This should have been a blow out match up since the blues are last in their division and the Sabres are first! Unfortunately, the game was not the severe butt-whooping I thought it would be. The most exciting part of the game was the five minute overtime and the shootout. But we ended up walking away with two points beating the Blues 2-1. Scott Hartnell scored the Flyers lone regulation goal and Mika Pyorala got the game winner in the fourth round of the shootout!

In Mini Mites news (drum roll, please) it was Sean's week to play goalie. The aniticipation was killing me all week as he asked me to trow balls at him for practice. I kept flashing back to his first goal-tending experience which ended in tears. See this thread. I was pleasantly surprised!

He practiced Friday night in full pads and did pretty well. In fact, his coach said that of all the kids that have tried the position, Sean's the best so far! Not sure if I should be happy about that or not. Sunday morning came and we got to the rink early to make sure Mom had enough time to get the pads on right. He got out there and did great! I started off by warming up, "just like the big guys do." The he proceeded to scrape up the ice in front of his net, "just like the big guys do." This kid learns so much just by watching, it's funny! He didn't get discouraged when he couldn't block the rebound. He didn't get frustrated when he fell and needed help getting back up. And when he came off the ice he told me he couldn't wait to try it again! What a difference! I'm still not sure if I'd like to be a goalie mom, but I'm glad to see that his love of the sport doesn't hinge on the position he plays!

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